To Live Your Purpose is one of the most valuable things you can ever do.

What would it mean to Live Your Purpose?

This course is designed to bring together years of research and millions of pounds worth of learning, into a simple enjoyable step by step process, with clear outcomes to achieve your goals.

By the end of the course you’ll have a clear Personal Purpose Statement and declaration of intent, covering what’s most important to you and the impact you would like in the world.

5 Step Personal Transformation Programme:

  1. What, Who, Why?
  2. Past
  3. Present
  4. Future
  5. Setting Your Intentions, Activating Your Dreams

This is a journey of exploration where each step builds upon the last and moves your forwards, growing momentum to achieve maximum results.  You will have access to a full range of resources, to progress you closer to living the life of your dreams.

Module 1: What’s your purpose, who is your authentic self, and why do you do what you do?  We will look at how we can powerfully programme our mind for success.  We will establish the foundations of your values, key characteristics and preferred life balance, exploring what matters most to you.

Module 2: Past. Rediscovering what you were born to do and  letting go of any limiting beliefs, we may have learnt as a child that could be preventing us from being our full potential as a adult.  By the end of this module you will know where you came from in order to know where you are going.

Module 3: Present: It’s been said, ‘if you don’t know your life’s purpose, then you haven’t been asked the right questions’ – this will change all of that.  Empowering questions to get clear on your life’s purpose, passions and people, what’s your niche and how can you best serve your tribe.

Module 4: Future: This is where we bring your dreams to life, activated through our senses, to send a clear instruction to our unconscious mind and set the destination of our dreams.  This is a proven success strategy that works from a scientific, spiritual, medical or business leadership perspective.

Module 5: Setting your intentions, activating your dreams Make your dreams a reality and create a life you love for lasting change.

Interactive exercises, activities and worksheets will guide you through the journey, building a complete picture with clear actions and outcomes. You will successfully complete the course with your very own Personal Purpose Statement and a declaration of intent. You can use this mini-manifesto in your marketing, branding or just for personal reference, to guide you to the life of your dreams.

What Would it Mean to You to Live on Purpose?  To Know Your Why?  To Be Your Best?

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