Are you happy flying on autopilot with no set destination?

Would you board a plane without a pilot, having someone in control who didn’t know what they were doing? How about if the autopilot had no set destination and was just flying aimlessly in ‘survival’ mode?  Do you value your life?  Here’s a quick analogy to help take control of your life when it comes to finding your purpose.

Would you get on a pilot-less plane with no set destination?  [Probably not!]

Yet most of us are doing exactly that: flying high, aimlessly trying to navigate the storms and changing external conditions without a clue as to why, how or where we are even going!

Having a clear sense of purpose is like programming the desired destination into a GPS.  Yes our almighty minds can operate very well on autopilot, but we need to programme in the desired destination.

If we don’t know where we want to go – how can we know that we have arrived?

Of the estimated 50,000-70,000 thoughts we have each day, how many of them are about what we really want out of life and how we can achieve it?

I wonder how much of our day we actually spend on the most important things?  Or are our days filled with endless errands and all our energy and thoughts dedicated to the ‘to do’ lists, often dictated to by others.

When you are living with purpose, you know exactly who you are and what you want to achieve.  Making decisions becomes easier and more meaningful, as you prioritise what matters most.  Every step, every action, can be a choice moving you closer towards your goals and your desired destination.

Finding your purpose can make you happier, healthier and truly fulfilled. 


We need to know where we want to go in order to get there!

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