An Invitation

...To the Life of Your Dreams

“Inspiring, powerfully positive and directly relevant”

“An Invitation…to the life of your dreams is the journey we are all on – to be authentically ourselves. Inspiring, powerfully positive and directly relevant to so many of us today. A dream to read.”

Nick Williams,

Best selling author

“I couldn’t put this book down”

“What a good read! As a busy working Mum I don’t find a lot of time to read but I couldn’t put this book down. I loved watching Jessica grow and realise what she truly wanted… The connection she thought she had with Bruce and then what she found with Dr Wu. Aside from the romance, watching Jessica find true friendship with Pam was wonderful. In a period of change in my life now, I felt this book really made me think about what is important to me. The Characters were all so well thought out… I want more!”



“just reading it calmed me down”

I so enjoyed this book.  It was a lovely introduction to an alternative, more fulfilling, way of how I could live my life – very well described – and just reading it calmed me down. I could easily relate to the initial frenzied stressful career driven life described, and liked the surprise ending!



“A must read…”

“An invitation to the life of your dreams is such a positive read. That is well written and hard to put down. The book is so inspiring and touches on that Jessica’s life is not perfect but so real! I felt like I could really relate to her.  The way the book was written really captured my imagination. I will be first in the que when a sequel gets written as can’t wait to see what happens with Jessica, Bruce and Dr Wu,on her exciting journey into self discovery that makes you realise anything is possible. A must read for anyone wanting to take a step back , evaluate what direction they are going and to appreciate there life around them”



“I loved every aspect of this book”

“I can genuinely say I loved every aspect of this book. The writing style is really fluid and easy to read and the content so relevant and inspiring. I love the context of busy, working life and how mindfulness and slowing down can help you discover your true happiness and inner peace.  I also love the way Bruce and Dr Wu represent the conflict between our busy, consumer driven lives vs living in the moment and discovering what makes us truly happy.  The descriptions really bought the story to life in my mind too, painting lots of vivid images and stimulating my imagination. Aside from the brilliant way it’s written, the book has genuinely inspired me to step back and think about what truly makes me happy, trust my instincts and remember to live in the moment and appreciate everything around me.”



“Made me focus and think about what was important”

“Loved reading this. Reading it on new year’s day was the perfect start to the year – which made me focus and think about what was important for my year ahead, and beyond.”



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About the Book

An invitation…to the life of your dreams is an inspiring and empowering story, opening up new perspectives, cultures and enigmatic teachings to live ‘the life of your dreams’.

Consumed by a never-ending to-do list, Jessica is stuck feeling unfulfilled, knowing that there’s more to life, but not knowing where to start. Work distracts her from herself, but when she loses everything that defines her, she learns life-enhancing techniques to reconnect with what’s most important.

You are invited to join Jessica on a journey of transformation and discovery, from modern day London to the ancient wisdom of China, finding love, life and adventure.

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About the Author


Following an award winning corporate career, HPCarr went on her own journey of self discovery, researching alternative perspectives on fulfilment and purpose in life. Having lived and worked in China, she returned to write and volunteer in Asia during a sabbatical, before coming back to the UK to co-found a charity that inspires effective generosity. With a degree in Psychology and English Literature, she creates complex characters that delve deep into emotional experiences and to quote one reader ‘provides a great psychological insight into human existence’.

Who is this book for?

This book will resonate with people who are interested in exploring powerful ancient spiritual teachings, whilst being captivated by a modern day story of romance, drama and travel. It relates to busy women who are starting to consider that there may be more to life and would enjoy discovering inspirational practises of empowerment.

It aims to be a quick and easy read, making thousands of years of wisdom and cultural teachings easily accessible. It is also easy to relate to modern day complexities including the stresses of feeling overloaded, trying to find love, plus balancing work and social lives. With increased awareness and growing popularity of mindfulness, yoga, and mind-body-spirit, this book makes various teachings accessible as part of a good light read.

International best sellers like The Alchemist, and Eat Pray Love, confirm the significance of this type of transformational literature, providing spiritual wisdom through travel and adventure. This is a story of overcoming adversity and self limiting beliefs to find personal fulfilment and live ‘the life of your dreams’.

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